In this article just wanted to give you how the workplan versioning works in Oracle Projects.

Workplan versioning:

Workplan versioning is optional and can be enabled or disabled.

Non-versioning workpan:

  1. Single version always and is the ‘Working’ version.
  2. No Publishing and baselining involved.
  3. What-If analysis (if there are multiple current working versions for a non shared structured workplan, what-if analysis of the changes in the versions can be done) cannot be done.
Workplan Versioning:
  1. Workplan versioning is required for maintaining multiple versions of the workplan and approval of the workplan and publishing,baselining of the workplan.
  2. Enabling Workplan versioning can be done at a)project level and b) template level. Navigation: Project Template / Project Setup – > workplan information page.
  3. ‘Maintain Workplan versions’ option is available on the workplan page.
  4. Workplan versioning can be disabled at anytime and it will cause all the versions of the workplan for a project to be deleted.
  5. We can delete unpublished workplan versions. But we CANNOT delete the latest published version / baselined versions of the workplan.
  6. What-if analysis is possible for a non-shared structured workplan when multiple current working workplans are available.
  7. Workplan Approval:
Workplan Approval can be setup for more control on workplan revision. On approval, we can setup the workplan to auto publish. So there is no need to manually publish it everytime. Once published, it can be set as baseline.
Note: All the oracle standard processes look for latest baselined version of the workplan for calculations.
In a Shared Structure , workplan versioning enabled workplan :
1. Atmost one ‘Current Working’ version of workplan.
2. There can be multiple ‘Published versions’.
3. There can be multiple baselined versions.
4. Current Working version is automatically ‘LOCKED’ while editing so that others cannot be able to edit the working version unless it is UNLOCKED.
Tech Notes:
The Workplan versioning table is : PA_PROJ_ELEM_VER_STRUCTURE

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