In this article, i will be giving a brief idea of how to setup the project approval hierarchy.

Oracle Projects suite does not provide the setup of projects approval hierarchy, but we do have projects status workflow which we can use after setting up the approval hierarchy.

Here are the steps:

The project status approval here is done by the simple approval hierarchy i have defined below to make things simpler.

Whenever the project status is changed the project status workflow is triggered and is sent to the appropriate person setup in the hierarchy.

For this we will have to create a table with basic fields as below:

Project_type -> Depending on the project type we are going to setup the approver.

Approver -> can be ‘Project Manager’ or anyone as per the business.

So lets say the table(XX_project_approval_hierarchy) entries are like this :

Project_Type Approver

Construction Senior Project Manager

Consulting Project Manager

And in the standard project status workflow PA_PROJECT_WF, in the procedure SELECT_PROJECT_APPROVE, write the logic to select the approver using the above table.

You may have to look for the person_id of the approver in the pa_project_players table for that project with the corresponding Project Role Types .

in the Project statuses window, for the status that you want to enable the workflow, assign the Workflow item ‘PA Project Workflow’ and the process ‘Project’.

Also the Project Type of the project should have the status change workflow enabled.


  1. Mani

    In Project Approval Hierarchy for example If we have 2 Projects. 1) Oracle Apps Implementation 2)Oracle Apps Training. The second one is sub-set of the first one. Hence the first one users can view the second one projects also. But the 2nd one users can’t view the first one activities. How to map this setup in Oracle Apps Projects.

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