Here is a different requirement:

Customer wanted to use the AP expense report form to enter expense reports to Projects as well though you can enter expense reports directly in AP invoice entry form / Projects Expenditure entry.

This can be achieved by customization.

Here are the steps:

1. In the flexfield ‘AP Expense Report Line’ add the following segments:

1. Segment: Project Number, Valueset : PA_SRS_Project_ID

2. Segment: Task Number , Valueset: PA_SRS_Task_ID

3. Segment: Expenditure_Type,Valuset: PA_SRS_Expenditure_Type

4. Segment: Expenditure_Organization,Valueset: PA_SRS_Expenditure_Organization

So whenever an AP expense report is entered, these fields are captured in the ‘AP_Expense_Reports_lines’ attributes.

Now the expense report is converted into AP invoices using ‘AP invoice import process’. These invoices anyway will not have the projects information. So we need to look back into the attributes captured in the Expense report lines and update the ap_invoice_distributions_all table.

So write a concurrent program for acheiving the same. The update statement should update the below fields:

ap_invoice_d istributions_all.project_id





ap_invoice_distributions_all.project_accounting_context -> this should be set to ‘Yes’ to interface the invoices to Projects.

ap_invoice_distributions_all.pa_addition_flag -> this should be set to ‘N’ to set the lines eligible for interface to Projects.

Once the above update is done, the invoice can be interfaced to projects by running the ‘PRC:Interface Supplier Costs’ process from PA.

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