What do the various AutoAccounting errors mean?

PA_AA_AA_ERROR Error occurred during AutoAccounting
PA_AA_ABORTING Process &PROCESS terminating with error
PA_AA_BAD_APPLICATION Bad application id passed to AutoAccounting
PA_AA_ENTER_CONSTANT_VALUE Please enter a constant value
PA_AA_ENTER_FF_STRUCTURE Please enter a flexfield structure
PA_AA_ENTER_PARAMETER_NAME Please enter a parameter name
PA_AA_ENTER_SQL_STATEMENT Please enter a SQL Select Statement
PA_AA_ERROR Error in AutoAccounting Set Processing error function
PA_AA_FIELD_NOT_COPIED Function ‘&FUNCTION’ could not update the field ‘&FIELD’
PA_AA_FIRING_RULE Firing rule ‘&RULE’ …
PA_AA_FUNC_UNINIT Function ‘&FUNCTION’ is not initialized
PA_AA_FV_ERROR Error occurred during flexfield validation
PA_AA_INVALID_MODE You have called ‘&FUNCTION’ with an invalid mode
PA_AA_INVLD_KEY_SRC Key source for rule ‘&RULE’ is invalid
PA_AA_INVLD_RULE_TYP Rule type for rule ‘&RULE’ is invalid
PA_AA_INVLD_SQL_PARAM AutoAccounting rule ‘&RULE’ refers to a nonexistent SQL parameter
PA_AA_LESS_PARAMS Not enough parameters passed into function ‘&FUNCTION’
PA_AA_LOOKUP_SET_INTEGRITY This lookup set is already in use by another rule
PA_AA_MISSING_TOKEN The ‘&TOKEN’ token is missing
PA_AA_MULT_ROWS Rule ‘&RULE’ selects multiple rows which is not currently supported
PA_AA_NOT_ENF_ARGS &MODULE: Not enough arguments
PA_AA_NO_DB_CNCT Unable to connect to database
PA_AA_NO_DESCRP Unable to allocate a descriptor
PA_AA_NO_DETAIL_POST Detail posting disabled for code combination &CCID
PA_AA_NO_LOOKUP No segment value lookup in AutoAccounting lookup set ‘&LOOKUPSET’
PA_AA_NO_MEMORY &MODULE is out of memory
PA_AA_NO_PARAMS No parameters exist for function ‘&FUNCTION’
PA_AA_NO_ROWS SQL Select Statement for rule ‘&RULE’ did not return any rows
PA_AA_NO_RULE_PARAM Rule ‘RULE’ refers to a parameter not connected to its parent function
PA_AA_NO_SUCH_FNCT AutoAccounting function ‘&FUNCTION’ does not exist
PA_AA_NO_SUCH_TKN The token ‘&TOKEN’ does not exist
PA_AA_NO_SUCH_TRANS The function transaction code &FTCODE does not exist
PA_AA_NO_TRANS No transactions exist for function ‘&FUNCTION’.
PA_AA_NULL_SELECTED SQL Statement for rule ‘&RULE’ has selected a row with a NULL value
PA_AA_OUT_OF_MEMORY Memory could not be allocated for ‘&OBJECT’ in ‘&FUNCTION’.
PA_AA_PAXTAU_ARG_PROTOPA_AA_PAXTAU_ARG_PROTO Usage: PAXTAU Account/password 0 Y Application-Name AA-Function Function-Transaction Structure-ID Parameter1 Parameter2 …
PA_AA_RULE_INTEGRITY This rue has been assigned to a segment. Delete assignment first
PA_AA_SEG_ORDER_LBL AutoAccounting qualifiers by segment order
PA_AA_SUMMARY_ALLOWED Summary allowed for code combination &CCID
PA_AA_TOO_MANY_PARMS AutoAccounting function ‘&FUNCTION’ has exceeded the maximum number of parameters allowed
PA_AA_TOO_MANY_QULFRS SQL statement for rule ‘&RULE’ selects more than the maximum number of qualifiers allowed
PA_AA_TOO_MANY_ROWS SQL Select Statement for Rule ‘&RULE’ has selected more rows than the maximum number allowed
PA_AA_TOO_MANY_RULES AutoAccounting function ‘&FUNCTION’ uses more than the maximum number of rules allowed
PA_AA_TOO_MANY_SQL_PARAMS AutoAccounting rule ‘&RULE’ uses more than the maximum number of SQL parameters allowed
PA_AA_TOO_MANY_TOKNS SQL Select Statement for rule ‘&RULE’ selects more than the maximum number of tokens allowed
PA_AA_TOO_MANY_TRANS Too many transactions exist for function ‘&FUNCTION’
PA_AA_TOO_MANY_TRIGS AutoAccounting transaction ‘&TRANSACTION’ has more than the maximum number of triggers allowed
PA_AA_TRANS_UNKNOWN Transaction ‘&TRANSACTION’ is not defined
PA_AA_VALUE_MATCH_NOT_UNIQUE Intermediate Values must be unique
PA_AA_VALUE_TOO_LARGE Value ‘&VALUE’ is too large for its segment
PA_AA_WARNING Warning in Auto Accounting for line ‘&LINE’
PA_AA_WRONG_FF The passed template uses a different flexfield structure from the one used by function ‘&FUNCTION’
PA_AA_WRONG_KEY_SRC_TYPE Reference to a non-existent key source type in rule ‘&RULE’
PA_AA_WRONG_N_CLMS SQL Select Statement for rule ‘&RULE’ does not select the correct number of columns
PA_AA_WRONG_PARAM SQL Statement for rule ‘&RULE’ uses incorrect number of parameters
PA_AA_WRONG_RULE_TYPE Rule ‘&RULE’ uses an invalid rule type

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