It is often a requirement to integrate Oracle order management (OM) with  Project Accounting (PA). But Oracle has not provided a straight forward inbuilt integration to convert the Sales Orders to Projects.

Here are few key points to consider:

  • Each Sales Order will be created as a Project in Oracle Projects module.
  • Each Sales Order line will be created as a Task for the Project created above.
  • An  interface program  has to be created using the Projects AMG APIs to create/update projects/tasks whenever a new sales order created or updated in OM.
  • If you were using OM to AR integration, then now it will be through Projects to AR. So  Projects billing   has to be implemented and the  auto-accounting  rules have to be setup in Projects module to derive the accounting for the invoices.
  • In projects module  generate invoices   and then interface the invoices to AR.
  • If you were using Advance functionality in AR then the same functionality is not available in Projects.
  • Incase of retention, project billing module’s retention billing functionality can be used.
  •  Billing extension  can be used to control the billing in projects module. ( like when to bill, how much to bill etc).
  •  Revenue recognition   happens in projects module. ( Revenue is generated in oracle projects and interfaced to GL)



  1. Jagannath Sapkota

    On the project that I have worked we have build Integration from Oracle Order Management to Oracle Contracts to create Agreements, funding allocation , Contract Deliverables, OKE Billing events for the Project that is related to the Contract in OKE. Also with PJT for creating Cost Budgets depending on the Cost of sales % captured at Sales Order Line /Header Leverl.
    There after there is standard Integration from Oracle Contract ( OKE) to Oracle Projects for handling Initiation of OKE Billing events to PJB and processing for Revenue /Invoice


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