How to capture extra information in Project related Timecards in OTL ?

Here i will discuss about how to capture extra information in the OTL timecards and transfer it to the Expenditure items table DFF attributes.

Here are the steps.

1. Enable the ‘Expenditure Items’ Descriptive Flexfield in the Application Developer and enter the segments.

Unfreeze the flexfield first and then make the changes.

in the ‘Global Data Elements’ context. You can enter more than one segment depending on how many fields you want to capture in OTL.

Note: Please make sure you have enabled the segment and make it visible. Also the required check box should be OFF , unless you want to make this segment mandatory.

2. Enable the DFF context ‘Global Data Elements’ and then Freeze the flexfield and compile.

3. In OTL Application Developer Responsibility, run the ‘Generate Flexfield and Mapping Process’ with the parameters :

Effective Date : can be given sysdate or any date before.

Include Expenditure Items Flexfield : Yes

4. In Application Developer responsiblity, query for the ‘OTL Information Types’ flexfield and then query for the ‘PAEXPITDFF-GLOBAL‘ context value.

Then unfreeze the DFF and enable the PAEXPITDFF-GLOBAL Context and then compile. Also you can verify that this DFF has pulled in the segments from the Expenditure Items DFF after the ‘Generate Mapping’ process is run.

This Context PAEXPIT-DFF is automatically generated pulling any of the DFF segments in the Expenditure items DFF. Now we have defined a new DFF segment called ‘Work type’ in Expenditure Items DFF and this will be available in PAEXPITDFF-GLOBAL.

5. Now goto Selfservice time responsibility and enter a timecard and click on Details. You will now see the DFF segment ‘Work Type’ being shown for each day entry.

You can even attach an Valueset to the segment in the Expenditure Items DFF and you will see an LOV here.

Also Note: Any change to the DFF has to be made in Expenditure Items DFF and then the Generate mapping process will pull the changes into PAEXPITDFF-GLOBAL. You cannot manually do the changes in segments in the PAEXPITDFF-GLOBAL context.


  1. John D May

    1) This looks like Rel 11.5. Will this work with Rel12?

    2) In your narrative you mention to “Enable the ‘Expenditure Items’ Descriptive Flexfield ” yet your picture illustration shows the Expenditure Type DFF. Which is correct?

  2. John D May

    3) If I enable an attribute on the Expenditure Items DFF and compile as you instruct above, does this mean that the entered value from OTL will populate the same Attribute in Transaction Import and then get imported into the Exp Items table without any further setups?

  3. John D May

    4) If I have ten (10) gobal attributes enables on the Expenditure Items DFF and I generate the OTL Information Types DFF it will populate all the attributes from the Exp Items DFF. Can I then unfreeze the OTL Information Types DFF and disable some or most of the populated attributes, then re-compile so that the disabled attributes don’t show up on the project timecard?

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