We are excited to announce the Oracle Project Accounting training. This oracle project accounting training is intended for newbies as well as experienced professionals in Oracle projects who are looking to learn the fundamentals of oracle projects. On Completion of this training you will have a better understanding of the Oracle projects suite.

This training is Techno-functional Training in R12.2, so you will get to know both the functionality as well as the underlying data model.

This training is hosted in OraTuts. This is a self learning course and you will have access to the course whenever you want to.


Oracle Project Accounting Training

R12.2 Project Accounting – Course Content

Project FundamentalsProject CostingProject BillingProject Integration FlowsProject APIsProject Client Extensions
  • Oracle Projects Overview
  • Project Foundation Overview
  • Project Organizations
  • Project Organization Hierarchies
  • PA Periods
  • Project Roles
  • Project Statuses
  • Project Classifications
  • Project Service Types
  • Rate Schedules
  • Project Implementation Options
  • Project Classes
  • Project Types
  • Project Templates
  • Defining Projects
  • Task Fundamentals
  • Basics Of Project Costing
  • Project Costing Integration Points
  • Project Costing Flow
  • Types of Costs
  • Expenditure Types
  • Expenditure Categories
  • Expenditure Type Classes
  • Expenditures
  • Pre-Approved Expenditure Batches
  • Expenditure Entry
  • Transaction Import
  • Review Expenditures
  • Transaction Controls
  • Cost Components
  • Raw Cost Calculation
  • Burden Cost Calculation
  • Burden Schedules
  • Burden Structure
  • Calculating Burden Multiplier
  • Additive Burden Structure
  • Precedence Burden Structure
  • Same Line Burdening
  • Separate Line Burdening
  • Total Burdened Costs
  • Auto Accounting Basics
  • Cost Distribution
  • Cost Interface to GL
  • GL to PA Cost Drilldown
  • Basics Of Project Billing
  • Multi Currency Billing
  • Overview of Contract Projects
  • Agreements
  • Project Funding
  • Top Task Billing
  • Distribution Rules
  • Billing Events
  • Auto Accounting Rules for Billing
  • Revenue Generation
  • Revenue Interface to GL
  • Projects Invoice Generation
  • Projects Invoice interface to AR
  • Auto Invoice Import in AR and Tieback
  • AR to PA Drilldown
  • Oracle Payables to Projects Integration
  • Oracle Purchasing to Projects Integration
  • OTL to Projects Integration
  • Oracle Inventory to Projects Integration
  • Project Foundation APIs
  • Project Costing APIs
  • Project Billing API
  • Project Costing Client Extensions
  • Project Billing Extensions

Sample Videos

Purchasing to Projects Integration

Project Billing End to End Flow


Oracle Project Accounting Training


How long do I have access to the course videos?
Is there a limit in the number of times the videos can be accessed?
How can i contact the trainer for any questions?
Can I download the course videos?
What if iam not satisfied with the course?
Fall Sale 2017
Limited Time Offer – Starts at $49 only.

Course Pricing

Oracle Project Accounting Training

Starter Plan
Project Costing
Project Fundamentals
Project Costing
Exclusive Q&A
Lifetime Access


Best Value
Project Costing, Project Billing and 3 Mo R12 Access
Project Fundamentals
Project Costing
Project Billing
Project Technical
Project APIs
Exclusive Q&A
Lifetime Access
3 months R12 Access



  1. Rak

    I am interested in the course too . Would like to know if you would cover Oracle Projects Integration with other Oracle Applications specifically AP , AR and GL in your training .Also Oracle Project Resource Management along with Collaboration and Project Portfolio Analysis .

    1. Sathish Raju

      Hi Rakesh,

      The standard integrations with AP, AR and GL will be covered in the course. Project Management/Resource Management are not the part of the course.

  2. Srinivas

    Hye, this is srini from Hyderabad. Have been working as Oracle Financial consultans for last 5 years. Now would like to learn Oracle financials.



  3. Simha

    Hi Krishna,

    I am interested in learning Project accounting, please let me know the course fee and also the duration. I would like to know do you take technical traning


  4. rahullad.23

    Hello Sathish,

    I am interested Project Suite of Modules training you provide. Could you please let me know details like

    1) If there are schedules available for the training with live interaction with the instructor or

    2) If there are set of training videos that we have access to after we enroll along with the cost.

    My email is Masked. Will appreciate you response.

    1. Sathish Article Author

      Hi Rahul,

      This is an online video based course. I have sent you an email regarding the course details and registration.


  5. Sowjanya

    Hi Satish,
    I’m working as an Oracle financials consultant. Would like to get trained in PA.
    Are your trainings LIVE ?
    Please let me know the details of the time and date PA classes are starting so I can enroll


  6. Barry

    I want to learn Oracle projects billing and costing and further there integration with AP,AR and GL

    Please let me know details of next/current batch


  7. AG

    What is the total duration of the course (i.e. with content and tutorials, etc.)? Also, is cost capitalization/ FA interface and Project Management module covered anywhere in your course?

    1. Sathish Article Author


      Asset Capitalization/FA interface is covered. Project Management is not covered. Project management as such is a separate course.


    2. Sathish Article Author

      Regarding the duration, it is not a static course. The course grows in content and duration. As far as now the course duration is estimated to be around 15 hours of video lessons.

      But the content of the course will grow ( covering new features, tips and tricks, practical implementation / support issues etc)

    1. Sathish Article Author


      We will be explaining how sub ledger is being using in project accounting. We will not be able to explain the concepts of sub ledger accounting, since SLA itself is a separate course.


  8. Yousef

    Hi Satish,

    Will i be able to cover a basic PA implementation after completing this course ?
    I mean by Basic implementation, 1 Project, Simple tasks and expenditures, billing revenue, transfer and see everything in GL and finally reports of project costing and revenue ?

    Please advise.

    Best Regards,

    1. Sathish Article Author

      Yousef, this training provides you the fundamentals for oracle project accounting. With that said, you will have a clear understanding of the project costing and project billing End to End flows which covers the expenditures and revenue flow. Also this training covers the project costing integration with other modules and project billing integration with other modules.

      Hope this helps!

      Happy Learning 🙂

      1. Yousef

        Thanks for your reply Satish,

        One last question, the videos are only lessons that have overview about PA ? or there are some tutorials (for example) on how to create expenditures, invoices, transfer to GL … ?

        Best Regards,

        1. Sathish Article Author

          Yes, all the videos contain theory as well as hands on in oracle applications that describe how to execute things.

  9. Raju

    Could you please tell me when the Early bird offer is valid? I see that it expires soon. Please let me know the discounted price for the module. I would like to try.


  10. Abbas


    Would like to know how one can access these videos? plus what are the cost of these training videos?



    1. Sathish Article Author

      Hi Richa,

      Sent you an email. Let me know how we can help you in registering for the course.


  11. Neha

    Hi Satish,

    Do this classes cover the topics like what are the setups we have to do in Project accounting and how to do that like implementation options setups, defining expenditure types etc.


    1. Sathish Article Author

      Hi Neha,

      Yes the course includes setups, implementation options, navigations, functional flows inside the application.


  12. Thirumala S

    Hi ,

    I’m interested to learn project accounting,please let me know when you are going to starts the new batch alongwith fee structure.


  13. Sandeep


    I’m interested to have project accounting training.Please let me know if you have any plan for online classes for the same.


  14. Shyam

    I am interested in learning the Project Costing and Billing. Please send me the details of the training to my email.



    Hi ,
    I’m interested to have project accounting training.
    When will next course will start.
    What is the duration of course
    I will pay in Indian currency then what will be fee.
    Will i get instance for practice after the class ?

    Balbir Sandhu

  16. piyush singh

    Hi Sathish,

    Can you please let me know when will the new batch get started. I am willing to join that and please throw some light on the course which you are offering. It will be a great help from your side.


  17. Sathish Article Author

    To everyone,

    This is a video based online training course. There is no schedule for this course. As soon as you register, you will be able to access the course videos online.


  18. Varadhi

    Hi Satish,

    There is a sale on your site hording 50%. But, when I click to register and pay it is showing as per your plans only. Please advice on how to avail 50% discount.

    Regards, Varadhi

  19. Mohamed

    I wish to know whether the course covers also the Project Management Module.

    Thank you and best regards.

  20. Digvijay

    I am interested for Cost Managment training for Oracle’s discrete Manufactuing scenarios.
    Any Suggestions??

  21. Ram

    Hi Satish,

    Your Training videos are excellent. I’m new to EBS and i don’t even know basics.Can i enroll for this course to learn from scratch level. I have experience in Oracle Primavera EPPM.Pls Suggest.

  22. Ram

    Hi Satish,


    and also pls let me know wheter i have to register from this website or ORATUTS website.

  23. Vijay

    Hi Sathish,

    I am interested in learning the Project Costing and Billing. Please send me the details of the training to my email.

    Best Regards,

  24. Ahmad

    Hi Sathish,
    I am interested in Oracle project Accounting Training. Please let me Project Resource Management is covered in this course. Please also send the in information about any study material you provide for this course.

  25. Ganeson


    Came across your website while I was searching for Oracle Projects. Looks quite interesting. Could you plz let me know the full details about this course and it fee structure and mode of payment.


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