Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Deliverables in Project management.

What is a Project Deliverable?

Any measurable, tangible, verifiable outcome, result, or item that must be produced to complete a project or part of a project. Often used more narrowly in reference to an external deliverable, which is a deliverable that is subject to approval by the project sponsor or customer.

Example: a product, a detail design, or a working prototype

What’s the difference between a deliverable and Task?

  • Deliverable is the Output of the work. Task is the Input into the deliverable
  • Task tracks effort/cost
  • Task has resource assigned to it, which it consumes in order to create the deliverable
  • Task has scheduled dates (both start and end dates)
  • Deliverable only has a Due date (no date range)


What can you use Project Deliverables to do?

  • Track the outputs (deliverables) for your project independently from the work
  • Track different types of deliverables such as items, documents and other deliverables
  • Track actions required to complete the deliverable
  • Associate deliverables with workplan tasks
  • Integrate with Manufacturing Planning, Shipping, Procurement and Billing applications
  • Collect progress on deliverables and rollup to workplan task
  • Manage deliverables and deliverable actions centrally as well as collaboratively with security control


What are the Benefits of Project Deliverables?

  • Increase visibility and accountability
  • Streamline business process by integrating with supply chain management applications
  • Bill your customer based on deliverable and track unbilled revenue with Oracle Billing integration
  • Improve Efficiency
    • Copy deliverables
    • Default deliverable actions from deliverable type
    • Export deliverables to MS Excel, AMG APIs for Deliverables

How do you enable Project Deliverables for a Project?

  • You can enable/disable Deliverables on a project template. If Deliverables option is enabled on project template, you can optionally define deliverables for the project template. When project is created from this template, all the deliverables defined on this template will be copied to the destination project.
  • You can also enable/disable Deliverables for a project. You must enable Deliverables in order to define and track deliverables for a project or task. From the Project Tab -> Setup subtab -> Structures (Other Project Setup section)

What items are copied when copying Deliverables?

  • Item Details (for item deliverable)
  • Deliverable Actions
  • Deliverable Attachments
  • Associated Tasks (Note: this option is only available for copying deliverable from the current project)

What is not copied when copying deliverables and deliverable actions?

  • Deliverable:
    • Deliverable Due Date
    • Deliverable Status
    • Deliverable Completion Date
    • Deliverable Progress records
  • Deliverable Action:
    • Action Due Date
    • Action Completion Date / Completed Flag
    • Financial Task
    • Expected Shipment Date / PO Need By Date
    • Ready to Procure/ Ready to ship
    • Billing event information

Where do Project Deliverables Integrate?

  • Integrate with manufacturing planning to generate MDS (material demand schedule) for item deliverable
  • Integrate with shipping to initiate a shipping request for project deliverable
  • Integrate with procurement to initiate a requisition for project deliverable
  • Integrate with project billing create and process billing events for project deliverable

What Project Management pages can include Deliverables?

  • Project Home
  • Project Overview
  • Project Status Report
  • Task Overview (Deliverables associated with the task only)
  • Team Member Home

Is Project Contracts (OKE) required to use Deliverables in Project Management?

You do not need to implement Oracle Project Contracts (OKE) to integrate project deliverables with Manufacturing Planning and Shipping. If you do not have OKE installed, you will need to apply Patch 4252634 ‘Oracle Project Contract (OKE) functionality for Oracle Projects Family Pack M (Deliverable)’. See Note 375283.1 for details. Also noted in the PA.M ‘About’ document.

Does Project Management deliverables interact with Oracle Project Contracts?

No, there is no interaction between Project Management deliverables and Oracle Project Contracts.

What source is used to import Project Deliverables in Purchasing and Shipping?

When running the various product import processes, the source will be ‘Project Contracts’.

Does Deliverables Management in Oracle Project Management Replace The Functionality In Oracle Manufacturing?

Deliverables Management Functionality in Oracle Project Management is not intended to replace Oracle Manufacturing modules. It provides integration of Oracle Projects with these modules (Oracle Supply Chain Management applications including Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP and Oracle Supply Chain Planning, Oracle Shipping Execution, Oracle Purchasing, Oracle Project Billing). The initiation of the process can be done from Deliverables Management pages in Oracle Project Management but the subsequent processing is as per the functionality of the corresponding Modules.



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