This topic covers the Oracle Projects Data model.

Projects are created from the Projects Templates / other Projects .



This table contains a row for each projects implementation, i.e one per operating unit. This table contains the setup information specific to the operating unit. 

The table data corresponds to the front end: Projects implementation super user resp -> Setup->System->Implementation options.


Important Columns:

Project ID: uniquely identifies a project

Name: Name of the Project

Segment1: Project Number

This project number can be automatic/ Manual depending upon the System Implementation Option Setups, i.e., if the setting is automatic, there is no need of giving a project number when creating a project. If it is manual, then a project number should be provided while creating the project.

Carrying_out_organization_id : This is the project owning organization.

Pm_product_code: This identifies the source of the project, generally used whenever a project is created from a third party product.

Project_Status_code: Indicates the project status whether active, approved, closed, rejected etc.

Start_Date :  Transaction start date of the Project.

Completion_Date: Transaction End Date of the project.

(There are different dates for a project each having its own significance, we will see those in a different topic.)


Base Table:  PA_TASKS

Important Columns:

Task_id :  uniquely identifies a task.

Project_id : – From the pa_projects_all table .

Carrying_out_organization_id : This is the task owning organization.

(Task owning organization can be different from Project owning organization).

Start_date : Transaction Start Date of the Task

Completion_Date:  Transaction End Date of the Task

 Wbs_level :Indicates the level of the Task in the WBS hierarchy.

(WBS – Work Break down Structure indicates the structure of the Project)

Parent_Task_id :  uniquely identifies the Parent Task

Top_Task_id  : uniquely identifies the  Top Task.

Pm_product_code : Indicates the source of the task(used in conversion projects).

Pm_task_reference: uniquely identifies the corresponding task in the source system (used in conversion projects).


This is the table which stores the Agreement information.

Agreement_id : uniquely identifies the agreement.

Customer_id : Agreement’s customer id.

Agreement_num : Agreement Number

Expiration_Date : Expiration Date of the Agreement

Revenue_Limit_Flag: Flag which indicates whether the revenue can exceed the allocated funding amount.

Invoice_Limit_Flag: Flag which indicates whether invoice can exceed the allocated funding amount.

Amount: Agreement Amount.


Project_Funding_id :  uniquely identifies the Funding

Project_id : id of Project to which the funding is allocated

Task_id : id of Top Task to which the funding is allocated

Budget_type_code : Status of the budget whether baselined or not.

Allocated_amount: the amount of funding allocated to the project or top task.

To be continued…



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