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When you implement Oracle Projects, your system is seeded with predefined statuses. You can also modify the default status controls for existing user statuses. You define additional project statuses to meet your business needs. You can create new user statuses based on the available system statuses.
Every project must have a valid status. The predefined Project Statuses are: Unapproved, Submitted, Approved, Rejected, Pending Closed, and Closed.
Each project status must be associated with a system status. The predefined system statuses for project statuses are: Unapproved, Submitted, Approved, Pending Close, Closed, Pending Purge, Partially Purged, and Purged.
You can optionally include project status as a level of security in which you create separate menus for each project status value and then associate the menu set to a role. This additional security layer enables you to use the status of the project as another way of determining access to specific functions related to that project. For example, you can give project managers the ability to update assignment rate information for projects while they are in the sales pipeline with a “submitted” status, and then prevent them from updating that information after those projects are approved.

Defining Project Status Workflow

Use the workflow tab to enable workflow for a status and to associate the status with a workflow item type and process.
If a status is enabled for workflow, and the project type for the project is enabled for the use workflow for project status changes, when you update a project to that status the system will initiate the associated workflow process.
When you enable a status for workflow, you will then enter information for the following fields:

Item Type
Success Status
Failure Status

Oracle Projects provides a default project workflow process to use in association with project statuses.
The process is named the PA Project Workflow. If you enable a status for workflow and then associate the default process  with the status, the default process will route the approval of a project status change to the immediate supervisor of the person who submitted the status change. Using the Oracle Workflow Builder, you may customize the process or create  new one.

Defining Status Controls
You use the Status Controls region of the Statuses window to define actions that are allowed or restricted for
each project status. If you want to change the status controls from the default settings, you can select or clear the Allow box.
The status controls for project statuses are:
Create New Transactions
Project Status Report Notifications
Adjust Transactions
Generate Revenue
Generate Invoice
Capitalize Assets
Include in Status Reports
Change Project Probability
Allow Confirmed Assignments
Allow Provisional Assignments
Include Project in Organization Forecasts

Defining the Next Allowable Status
Defining the next allowable statuses determines the process flow for your objects. For example, you can specify that a project with the user status of Submitted can have its status changed to the user statuses of either
Approved or Rejected. With this setup, you have just determined two possible process flows:
Submitted -> Approved
Submitted -> Rejected
Four option buttons control the next allowable statuses you can enter:
All: The current status can be changed to any status. This is the default value.
None: The current status cannot be changed.
System Status: The Next Allowable Statuses are all system statuses.
Status: The Next Allowable Statuses are all user-defined statuses.

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