Some of the companies they want to customize the way automatic project numbering is working in projects. One such requirement is to have different project number sequences for different OUs.

Since the projects numbering is based on a sequence if the automatic project numbering is on and is common for all the OUs, there is not a way to have a different sequence for different OU.

Here is a way where you can customize it:

Using customization we can achieve it.

1. Set the project numbering to be manual.

2. Create one sequence for each OU.

3. Customize the projects creation page to automatically populate the project number to a prefix + sequence number corresponding to the OU.

Lets say the prefix: ABC for OU ABC Inc

then the project number is ABC1

and prefix : XYZ for XYZ inc

then the project number is XYZ1.

This way we can acheive unique numbering across the OUs and at the same time different sequencing for different OU.

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