In this article i will explain the powerful facility that Oracle projects has provided to capture extra information for any projects without having to write a single line of code.

UDA : User Defined Attributes

UDA is a powerful mechanism wherein similar to the Descriptive flex fields in forms. Here we have to create an Attribute Group which is similar to the Desc Flex and the Attribute items similar to the segments in the flex field.

In the Projects Super user responsibility, we have set of menu functions for creating a UDA page.

The example scenario here is I want to capture the Cost Center information of a Project. If UDA concept is not there, i need to write a custom OA Page for this.

Steps involved:

  1. Create an Attribute Group (XX_Cost_Center).
  2. Add Attribute item (cost_center) to the attribute group.
  3. Add Attribute Context – This is to associate the attribute group to the context of the project. The context can be Class Category, Project Type, Task Type. For example if i add an attribute context
    of type ‘Project Type’ with the value ‘Construction’. Then all the projects which are of type ‘Construction’ are eligible for collecting the cost center information.
  4. Add Page region – This is to Create a Region to associate the Attribute Group. There can be more than one Attribute group that can be associated to a page region.
  5. Create the database view for the Attribute Group created.

Search for a Construction Project:

Navigate to the Setup of the Project. We can see the Cost Center Information Link at the bottom of the Page.

Navigate to the Cost Center Information Page, we can see the Attribute item we have created. We can fill in the value of the cost center here and it is stored in the PA_PROJECTS_ERP_EXT_B and PA_PROJECTS_ERP_EXT_TL Tables.

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